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“When the spectacle stops talking about something for three days, it is as if it did not exist.” Guy Debord

“What one can see in the light of day is always less interesting than what happens behind a pane of glass.” Charles Baudelaire

VIDEOCU - the videotheque invites visitors to select, view and enjoy the most popular online videos shared between people from Ankara and their worldwide friends in January and February 2010 on YouTube and Facebook.

VIDEOCU 0.1 is a single interactive video installation project, realised with Florian Thalhofer’s Korsakow system for interactive storytelling.

The video store can be found at the Ankara Film Festival from March 10th till March 21st @ BATI SINEMA, Ataturk Bulvari, Ankara.


Video Vortex Split 2009Beta TestingScreenshotSplit 2009Beni sevmiyorsun

"Beni sevmiyorsun - You don't love me" (Installation)

Introduced in 1995 and discontinued in 1996 officially - "being cited as among the worst Apple products of all time (Wikipedia)" - a left over PowerBook 5300 CS, still operating, still somehow function-able, reading, and reading, and reading, over and over the same phrase in Turkish, the language of the place where it was abandoned for a newer, faster, bigger and beautiful white iMac: "Beni sevmiyorsun" (You don't love me)

I worked with this computer for about 4 years. We moved together to Turkey and settled in Ankara in 1998. In 1999 and 2000 it was the demo machine for my interactive installations "Pikselstreet" as well as the interactive experiment "AIEOU" later using its text to speech functions. Since 2001 finally it stayed in my cupboard. I remember during one of my earlier visits to Ankara it was falling down and hit the screen. There was no reliable Apple service around, just a guy named Remzi at a sales place. He fixed it somehow, but if you look close, you see the monitor still caries its wound at the back of the computer... Remzi became the number one Apple service guy in Ankara.

Information about the 5300. "Beni sevmiyorsun" was exhibited during the Video Vortex Exhibition in Split/Croatia in May 2009.

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Mustafa 2008MUSTAFA (Editor)

- Documentary Film directed by Can Dündar 2008 (website) / More Filmworks (link)


Ankara Rock Station"Ankara Rock"(In Production/Working Title)

It is true, Rock in Turkey comes out of Ankara. Germany was quite amazed when in 1991 a HEAVY METAL band - Hazy Hill, out of Ankara - was standing at its doors. Hazy Hill was the first Turkish Heavy Metal band playing outside of Turkey. But Ankara Rock has its roots much earlier ... In this documentary L. Gülden and Andreas Treske team up with the former lead singer of Hazy Hill Ufuk Onen to follow the roots of Turkish Heavy Metal. The production started in October 2009 on the 12th edition of the famous Rock Station festival in Ankara and will continue till Spring 2010. (More info to come)

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