More Media Works:


Interactive Installations - Made And Presented by


AIEOU - Interactive Multimedia Installation

SANART Conference, METU Ankara June 2002

THE CAYCI - Series:

PIKSEL II V.1.0 - Interactive Multimedia Installation

Gallery Perve, Lisbon/Portugal

Dec. 2001 – February 2002


Split International Festival for Film and New Media September 2002


Ankara Filmfestival, December 2002


Interactive, dramatic multimedia Installation for SANART, Ankara, June 2000, including developing of sensor barrier-systems for location control and interaction with computer, Lingo programming in Macromedia Director for interactive behaviors and responses, design and setup of installation in container with three spaces.


Film and Video

- Directed by

Architecture and Life, Documentary Series 2000-2001, 14 parts a 20 min. for XXI Architectural Cultural Center, Turkey
Curiosity, 15 min. Short-Documentary, 2000, together with Ersan Ocak and Gulden Treske,
Ankara Film Festival 2000, Izmir Film Festival 2001, Antalya Film Festival 2001, Istanbul Documentary Festival 2001
XXI, 3 Commercials for Turkish, architectural magazine XXI, 2000
Promotion for Bilkent University FADA 2000 - 2001
METU-Promotion. Video, 12 min. promotion
European Social Fond. Corporate video, 25 min. promotion
Manöver. 35mm, 15 min. drama, HFF Graduation Film, Hofer Filmtage 1992 (Festival of New German Film, Hof/Bavaria)
Was macht mein Glück aus? video, 35 min. documentary
Hinter dem Spiegel. 35mm, 5min. drama, Max Ophuels Festival Saarbruecken 1990
Glocken. 16mm, 15 min. drama
Tilt. 16mm, 2 min. drama
Beckettspiel. 45 min., video documentary
Do Paolo e Francesca. 45 min., video documentary


- Edited by


Bummerang-Bummerang. 35mm, 90 minutes (2nd assistant editor)
Die Kammer. 35mm, 90 minutes TV Movie (co-editor, Film)
Die Ministranten. 35mm, 90 minutes(assistant editor, Film)
Undine.35mm, 90 minutes(assistant editor, Film)
Glocken. 16mm, 15 minutes (HFF, director and editor)
Showdown. 35mm, 35 minutes (HFF, co-director and editor)
Die kapieren nicht. Video, 30 minutes (HFF,editor)
Hinter dem Spiegel. 35mm, 5 minutes (HFF, director and editor, Max Ophüls Preis and Filmfestival Saarbrücken)
20 Jahre. 16mm, 10 minutes (editor)
Runaway. 35mm, 15 minutes (HFF, editor)
Lolo. 35mm, 15 minutes (HFF, editor)
Willkommen in Amerika. 35mm, 30 minutes (HFF, assistant editor)
Puppenhaus. 35mm, 15 minutes (HFF, editor)
Kalahari Ju. 35mm, 15 minutes (editor)
Seemansbrut. 16mm, 10 minutes (editor)
Manöver. 35mm, 15 minutes (HFF, director and editor, graduation project)
And she smiled, Super 16mm, 21 minutes (editor, AVID) - 1999 Hofer Filmtage/Germany
Die große Angst vor Bodo C., 16mm, 15 minutes (editor, Film)
Tupperkulose, 16mm, 15 minutes (editor, AVID)
Nighthawks, 35mm, 15 minutes (editor, Film) - (Festivals: Tel Aviv 1999, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Award 1998, Cannes International Film Festival 1998)
Sunset in Venice, 35mm, 15 minutes (editor, avid) - (55th Mostra Internationale d’Arte Cinematografica, Venice/Italy 1998, International Short Film Festival Drama/Greece, German Short Film Award in Gold 1998 given to the production, 32. International Hof Filmdays/Germany, Greek State Award, 3rd price by the Greece Cultural Ministry to the production, Vendome/France 1998, Max Ophuels Festival/Germany 1999, 22nd Goeteborg Festival/Sweden 1999, Cannes/France 1999, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Award/Germany for Best Short Film, Aspen Film Festival 1999)


Nach Hollywood - Douglas Sirk erzählt. 16mm, 90 minutes (editor)
Was macht mein Glück aus? Video, 30 minutes (director and editor)
Vietnam?! Video, 45 minutes (editor, avid)
Immunkongreß Oslo. Video, 60 minutes (editor, avid)
Wir für Sie. Info serial (post production supervisor and editor, avid)
Euro-Info. Info serial (post production supervisor and editor, avid)


1994 - 97 BMW , Nissan, Bärenmarke, Du darfst (numerous more as editor on AVID systems), Numerous TV Shows and Corporate Video


THE LAB: Projects - IN WORK

"Gestures In Time" (Working Title), multimedia installation and DVD project by Araz Ozgün and Andreas Treske

"Blinkeye Films" (Working Title), interactive cinema installation by Murat Karamüftuoglu and Andreas Treske

"HORIZONTAL MAN LOOKING AT THE CLOUDS", interactive smart room installation, concept by Zafer Aracagok and Andreas Treske



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